Cyneburga: A Plague of Lies

The Road to Refuge

I am notoriously bad at keeping track of my DM notes, or even writing them down in the first place. This first post is going to be a bit sketchy on details, but hopefully this blog will help me keep track of everything going on in the campaign.


The plague has ravaged the western coasts, turning every living thing into a grey ooze. As the mysterious disease travels inland, hundreds of refugees flee from it. Many head towards the small country of Bieto, hearing rumours that its learned mages have found a way to shield the country from the plague.

 One such band of refugees contains Malkus the sellsword, Glerothain, a dwarf from the city of Theinburgh, A half-orc tribesman and healer known only as Uggh, and a solemn elven paladin by the name of T'sabo. The prescense of such skilled individuals has thus far kept their group safe from brigands and other dangers of the road.

The travellers are heartened by the sight of Vedrana Tower, a mighty structure which marks the entrance to the valley of Bieto. Their destination is only a few days away! However, as they reach the first guard-post on the road, a massive explosion takes place in the distance, showering the road with scores of meteorites. 

 One lands not far from the guard-post, and the four adventurers decide to investigate. The rocky projectile has melted the snow in a large area and formed a small crater, but seems to be cooling. As it's exterior cracks open, a horrific creature emerges, resembling a warped human head with bat-wings for ears and tentacles for hair. The warriors dispatch it easily, but return to the post to find it under attack by more of the creatures. 

 The battle is won with the help of the guard Stefan, an overeager apprentice-wizard named Roland, and a young elf called Jaromill whom T'sabo has taken under his wing. Another guard named Branko turns coward and flees towards Bieto, taking on of their few horses.

It becomes apparent that the creatures can transform people into beings like themselves, though exactly how is still unknown. The adventurers are forced to kill several of the slowly transforming victims.

Stefan decides that he must warn the rest of the guards, and takes the remaining horse towards Vedrana. He returns the next day with a large force led by a man named Captain Chavdar, and the combined forces of the adventurers and the guards are enough to stave off a final large attack, despite the strange cunning of the creatures, and the appearance of a shifting, amorphous monster that follows in their wake.

 During the battle, Glerothain is stunned by the creatures' shriek, and endures a horrid kiss from one- now it is clear how they transform their victims. Fortunately the dwarf is sturdy enough to shake off the transformation, though many others are not so lucky.

 Finally the group reaches Vedrana Tower, where they are tested for the plague, but given leave to enter. They decide to stay the night, as Cyneburga is still several days away.



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