Demon who would be king.


Level 1 Bar-Lgura Avenging Executioner

Str: 22   Dex: 19   Con: 21

Int: 17   Wis: 15    Cha: 16

HP: 65    AC: 27    SR: 16   DR: 10/cold iron or good

Init: +8  BA: +6  Spd: 40ft, Climb 20ft

Immune to electricity and poison, Resistance to acid, cold and fire 10

Fort: +10, Ref: +11, Will: +9

Feats and Abilities

Sun School, Power Attack, Improved Initiative

Flurry of Blows

Sudden Strike: 1D6

Bloody Blade (DC 14)

Spell Like Abilities (CL 6):

At will: Darkness, cause fear, dispel magic, greater teleport, see invisibility, telekineses

2/day: disguise self, Invisibility, Major Image

Equipment: Full Plate Armour, +1 Buckler, Stigandr's Gauntlet, Assorted potions and gear.

Attacks: Gauntlet: +14/+7 atk, 1d6+8 dmg, X2 crit- 18-20



Imamu is a demon which resides in the pit below the Temple of Pelor. He is certifiably insane, even by demon standards, and is thus shunned by most of his own kind. Nevertheless, his considerable strength in combat has allowed him to gather a certain amount of influence and followers.

Imamu's dream is to rule a country of his own in the surface world. To this end he wishes to become one of the humanoid races, as he knows his demonic form would cause many problems. 

Stigandr's Gauntlet, an artifact of considerable power, is the source of the demon's strength (and, some say, his madness). Imamu believes the rest of the armour still exists, waiting to be found, and would much like to acquire it.

 The cleric Clovis appears to have worked with Imamu before, but has since double-crossed him. This has driven the Bar-Lgura into a rage, and he has put much of his time into finding a way to destroy the cleric.


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