Tag: hostile


  • Branko

    A former member of the Cyneburga Guard, he deserted and fled when the Vargouilles appeared on the road to Bieto, taking one of the group's horses in the process. The party is not particularily happy with him.

  • "One-Eye"

    A mind flayer encountered in the aqueducts, One-Eye was making some sort of deal with Duke Nikolai. A devastating barrage of arrows crippled him and put out his eye before he was able to plane shift away.

    One Eye is an adherent of the …

  • Bedrich

    A magical researcher and uncle of Roland. After a mysterious disappearance and bout of strange behaviour, Bedrich was witnessed comitting a series of murders in the alleys of the slums. The party confronted him in the basement of his house, but …

  • Imamu

    Imamu is a demon which resides in the pit below the Temple of Pelor. He is certifiably insane, even by demon standards, and is thus shunned by most of his own kind. Nevertheless, his considerable strength in combat has allowed him to gather a certain …