A small country located in the mountainous central region of the continent, Bieto is no larger than an average city state, comprised as it is of the captial city, Cyneburga, and a scattering of small towns.

Bieto wields more power than its small size would suggest, thanks to the research of its philosopher mages, not to mention its bizarre collection of (often monstrous) rulers.

The borders of Bieto mainly lie within a long, oblong valley. Entrance into the valley is difficult unless one travels the Western pass, guarded by the famed Vedrana Tower

At the centre of the valley is a massive lake, with the city of Cyneburga perched on its Northern shore. To the Southeast is a large untamed forest, which is rumoured to hide groups of outlaws and dissenters.

The lake seems to be devoid of life, and those who drink its waters soon become ill. Because of this, Bieto's crops must be watered from a system of underground aqueducts, one of the many relics to be found of the mysterious civilization that once ruled Bieto.

This is the same civilization that is assumed to have built the five Adamantium Titans, though for what purpose no one knows.


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